These design flaws are unfortunate but completely perfect

These jeans that probably won’t keep you warm in the colder months.

This alternative to showing your ticket.

This hoody with a very different message when the hood is up, compared to when it’s down.

This unfortunate zipper showing Pooh bear really getting that honey.

This restaurant name that will make you do double take.

This bathroom stall that will leave you feeling exposed.

This dress that doesn’t leave much room to manoeuvre.


This poster that’s just a tad confusing.

This coffee mug the will definitely make you feel sharp in the morning.

This advert for a graduation photographer is a little bit bleak.

This motivational quote looks more like alphabet soup than a sentence.

This Pikachu charger with an unfortunate port.

This beauty salon image is just giving us more unrealistic body standards.

This toilet roll holder that might make things a little risky.


This shop that’s having a very long week.


These joggers that’ll make you look like you’ve had a little accident.

And this T-shirt that might have people looking at you twice.

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