Grandpa Learns He’s Got A New Grandson And All He Can Say Is “You Brats!”

For three generations, Landry James has been the only male in his family. Landry grew up with two sisters, so even in his childhood, he was surrounded mostly by females. He grew up, got married, and when he and his wife had children, they had four beautiful daughters. Of course, Landry loves his daughters and adores being their father, but something was still missing.

Landry’s own daughters are now all grown up and having children of their own. So far, Landry is the lucky grandfather of two healthy grandchildren—both girls. So, when his daughter Carie Elbe found out she was pregnant with a boy, she decided to plan an elaborate surprise for her father. For her entire pregnancy, the family managed to keep the baby’s gender secret. Then, on the day the baby was born, they revealed the gender to Landry and that he was finally the grandfather to a baby boy. Even more special, the baby was born on Landry’s birthday and the parents named him Landry James.

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