Mom Sees Picture Of Infant Daughter With Long Lost Twin And Knows They Have To Reunite

Could you imagine not knowing about one of your family members for a decade or more of your life? That is exactly what happened to these two girls, Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry, but with a twist.

Audrey and Gracie were born in China and are identical twins. But they were separated at birth, both being adopted by families in the United States—Audrey with her lovely family in Wisconsin, and Gracie in Washington. But it wasn’t until the girls’ 10th birthday that they and their families learned of this fact. And it is all thanks to Audrey’s mother, Jennifer.

Jennifer was doing some extensive research online in hopes of learning more about her daughter’s history. It was then that she came across a photograph of the two girls sitting alongside each other. Jennifer, in complete awe, dug deeper only to realize the truth. Then, the two girls had the beautiful opportunity to meet each other in real life. The moment is intensely heartwarming indeed, full of happy tears and love.

See the sheerly amazing footage of their meeting below and don’t forget to like and share this priceless moment with your beautiful family and friends.

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